Rescuing the place that made you: One fork at a time

As a busy mom of two I usually just throw my “crap” in a bag and head out the door. If the kids and I all manage to get shoes on then it’s a good day. In all of the hussle and bussle of this crazy life I have lacked the moments where I truly stop and think about what I’m doing and what kind of impact it’s going to make on the future of my kids and the world we live in.

No matter where we’re from or where we’re going, we have one home. Earth. Take care of it and respect it the way you would your children because they’re the ones that are going to be left to pick up the pieces.

I stumbled upon this life changing company that shares the same beliefs. It’s called Make Life Green. Their focus is to reuse and recycle without destroying and harming our world. We get so overwhelmed at the thought of trying to change habits and make a difference in this huge planet but when you find such a great organization like this one, it becomes an easy task to make those changes one step at a time.


Make life Green dedicates their purpose to using materials that are able to be repurposed and reused. They strive to “make small changes to make a difference to our planet!” The shop owner really has a heart as big as this world and sets her mind to donating, reusing, and recycling. Not to mention the kits are freaking adorable!!


I got my hands on the most functional and adorable “on-the-go-kit.” I am literally obsessed with it. While I’m busy throwing “crap” in my bag and running out the door I can rest assured that my kit will be in my bag when I head out the door with a kid on each hip. It’s so much more convenient to have my own picnic-ware and also to know that it’s clean and won’t be tossed out as soon as I eat a couple bites of lunch. It gets washed and reused. If every single person did this and stopped throwing plastic-ware in the trash when they’re out and about or even at home, do you know what a huge difference we could all make together?


When I’m running errands with the kids and we stop for a bite to eat (which happens often because my kids are ALWAYS hungry) I know that my daughters and I can use this. It’s less of a hassle and it’s protecting and saving the planet that gives us life. Let’s give life back.


USE COUPON CODE “playingwithfate” for 10% off your order at or check them out on facebook at


Happy snacking and saving! ūüôā

Across from “The Little Red Door:” Strasbourg, France

When we came to Germany we told ourselves we were going to go to every surrounding country and take our kids to as many countries as we possibly could in the next 24 months. We were beyond excited. However, 18 months into it, we have only gone to two countries. One of which being France. Although, we have been there almost 10 times. Hahaha. Not to mention it’s probably my husband’s least favorite country because he absolutely loathes driving there!! The traffic is like nothing we have ever seen before.

This morning we decided, hey why not another day trip to France, it’s only 45 minutes to the border. I chuckle when I say this because I know it makes my husband cringe but he’s all about doing things as a family!

strausberg 010

We packed the car at 8am and to Strasbourg we went! It was so delightful. It was an easy drive and only about two hours away. There were plenty of places to stop and rest or grab a quick snack. With only one toll each way it didn’t cost us much to drive either.

We drove in circles when we finally got downtown. We could not find parking for the life of us and traffic was spinning on past us. We finally found an alley with a “P” sign (which usually means parking). We followed the sign and ended up across the street from “The Little Red Door.” It was quaint and cute but I wasn’t sure I wanted to know what was behind that door so we just kept walking.

strausberg 016

This town was absolutely stunning. The architecture and the vibe from being downtown was like nothing I had ever experienced before. I felt like my shoes should have been $500 and my kids should have been wearing Dolce and Gabana (is that even how you spell it?) Seriously. The buildings were old but kept so well that they remained stable and intact. It felt so new, yet so antiqued at the same time.

We planned to only stay here for a couple of hours then head an hour down the highway to another town but Strasbourg was just so gorgeous we couldn’t seem to leave. We stayed all day! Every time we thought we had had enough we would see something more magical in the distance that we just knew we had to get a closer look.

As soon as we  walked away from The Little Red Door we saw the top of the Cathedrale Notre Dame. It was breathtaking to say the very least. We didn’t stop walking until we got up close and personal. It was the first sight of the day and absolutely remarkable. We couldn’t get enough. Every single angle had a new vision and I must have taken 100 pictures in ten minutes. It was built around 1187 and still standing in all of its glory,  as beautiful as ever.

By this time we were starving. There was no stopping us until we found some food. Or so we thought. We happened to run into a farmers market, a band playing in the street, and an antique flea market. Holy moly, this was so unexpected. What a perfect day for a trip to France, right?!

strausberg 024strausberg 025

strausberg 060

I absolutely love seeing fresh flowers on every street corner! ^^

There was so much to do and see that we literally could not take it all in. The streets were packed with people shopping and eating and the music was pumping through my body. The sun was bright, 65 degrees with a breeze, and people were feeling like summer time!

We finally stopped at a cute little caf√© because we knew we wouldn’t have time to sit in a restaurant and wait for food with the kids. They had the most delicious sandwich’s and cappuccinos. I think I could’ve stayed all day in that one spot tucked away in this pastry shop.

strausberg 105strausberg 106strausberg 107strausberg 109

Madie was given a euro so she could ask a vendor for a pretzel and boy was that the softest, most fluffy pretzel I have ever tasted. It was hard to get her to share and I don’t blame her one bit. It was absolutely delicious!

strausberg 112

We ended the day with a walk to the ice cream shop and a stroll along the river. It was such a calming demeanor that this town had. I felt relaxed as soon as we stepped out of the car and began our journey. Seeing the calm waves, and the geese floating on top of the river, it just made me remember that things in life don’t last forever and I needed to cherish this time with my family.

strausberg 020strausberg 075strausberg 091strausberg 092strausberg 097strausberg 098

We stopped there for a minute to take it all in before heading back to our car. It was a glorious day in a beautiful city that I would love to see again and again. Plus it’s always heartwarming to find stores from home in a new city! My favorite part of the day was finding a Starbucks and Sephora!

strausberg 057strausberg 059strausberg 061strausberg 084

strausberg 090

strausberg 114

Get out there and see something new! Happy Travels!

I’m living the life I never wanted: Finding my inner spirit

Let me just start by saying I absolutely love and adore my kids, they mean the entire world to me. Now that that is out of the way, here it comes. I NEVER planned my life as a stay at home mom. No way in hell. I wanted to get out there and teach or be a nurse or be a social worker who saved thousands of kid’s lives… I wanted to make a difference and change the world. I never thought I would live this life, but I am, and I’m loving it.

When¬†I had Madeline I was barely 19 years old. I was a college freshman living in a cramped apartment and working as much as I could to pay bills and still enjoy myself. My life changed when I had Madie because I wasn’t living for myself anymore. I worked all day and went to school all night. I never saw my sweet baby. I didn’t see her crawl for the first time or start feeding herself, or even use her walker for the first time. I was the mom that showed up late, put the baby to bed, then kept typing away on college essays. I was doing it for her but she didn’t know that. I still had something to believe in. I still had hopes and dreams to make my baby proud.

2014-06-18 21.25.28

I continued going to school and working while raising Madie alone. My precious grandma spent more time with little Madie than I did¬†but I’m so thankful because this child is a genius! Anyway, when we moved to Germany and started our lives with Josh and eventually had another sweet baby girl, everything changed. I graduated college and then there it sat. My diploma never moved. It became dusty and spoiled because I never did anything with it. I am so proud that I made it through all of the struggles and finished college because that is the first thing people said I would lose by getting pregnant. It was actually the first thing I gained to make myself a more independent woman. As soon as I walked across that stage I ran to my sweet baby girl and whispered “I did it all for you baby girl.” It was the absolute truth. She gave me so much more hope than I ever thought I would be capable of having. She fulfilled my dreams and showed me there’s more to life than meets the eye.



Living overseas with Josh working random and weird hours, living through the possibility of him being deployed at odd hours of any day, I knew. I knew I had to stay at home with my kids and treasure and nurture them. They weren’t surrounded by family anymore. They had me and Josh. That is it. It absolutely breaks my heart to even think about leaving them. I just can’t do it.

I may have my college diploma with honor awards but the hardest thing I’ve ever done in life is raise children. They don’t teach you any of this in college. Absolutely not. I never imaged I would be at home with my kids all day every day. Thankfully, being at home with them doesn’t mean I have to give up my hopes and dreams.


Since becoming a stay at home mommy I have learned to love and appreciate on such a deeper level because I cherish every single day. I am responsible for these humans and I absolutely love that. I am also responsible for myself though and becoming a SAHM didn’t mean I was willing to give up my most treasured goals I had set for myself.

I have found peace within myself in things I do on the side. SAHMs you NEED these things. Find something you’re passionate about and do it! I don’t care what it is. You need some hopes and dreams filled with passion to make it through raising tiny humans all day. Turn what you find yourself day-dreaming about into a reality.

I still go for my nightly runs, walk through the park with my kids, cook my favorite meals, and watch my favorite series on Netflix. On a deeper level I have learned to do things for myself that make me feel some self-worth and self-respect. I value myself and I have learned to express it.

I have taken up blogging because I absolutely love to write. I have so much to tell and so much love for the adventures I have been on and I want to share my story and my experiences. I can share pictures on social media, sure. But that doesn’t cover the extent or even begin to cover the amount of life I want to share with all of you. There is so much more to know. I blog because it’s an outlet. I blog because when my kids finally lay down for a nap or for bed I can sit with my thoughts and lay it all out on the table for you beautiful people instead of strapping it up inside. This has been the best decision I have ever made because being 5,000 miles from family and home means that we don’t talk every day or go on adventures together. This is how we continue living together, 5,000 miles apart.


The next thing I did for myself was find this beauty company. I absolutely love following other bloggers who love and adore what I do. Following some other lovely ladies I happened upon this amazing company. I have never seen so much love, compassion, and respect, in any other company. I took the leap of faith and joined this new business. I thought “hey maybe I will get some make up and love it and move on with my life.” I was so wrong. I absolutely love this make up and the world seriously needs to know about it. It has helped me be a better mom because while I am feeling beautiful and happy from the inside out I get to meet other amazing woman who are on the same road. Our team is so encouraging and uplifting and even on my worst days I can rely on them to get me through, just like I would for them.

I may not be saving thousands of kid’s lives, or teaching at less fortunate schools, or rescuing the kids with drug addicted parents who are committing crimes. But I am still doing something that changes the world. I am helping other woman feel beautiful and empowered. I am advocating for woman who want to feel their inner beauty on the outside. I am helping woman showcase their natural beauty, and that, for me, is more than life changing. That is setting an example that can change the lives of so many woman in this forsaken world. In so much negativity the least we can do for ourselves is set an example for our children and young adults that beauty is not how much make up you apply, but the natural beauty that comes from within.

Find your niche. Find what you are passionate about and give it your heart. No matter what you’re going through, no matter how many times you have been spit up on today or how many hours your baby has been cluster feeding, take some time to do something for yourself. I guarantee you will be a better person and a better mother to your children.

You deserve it, girl.


How I moved across the world with my toddler: Home is a feeling, not a place

The day I found out I would be moving from Texas¬†to Germany my heart sank to the bottom of my stomach and I cried. Happy tears, nervous tears, all of it just came streaming down my face. My husband was serving his country overseas and¬†mentally I¬†knew that if I wanted to be with him, the person I loved I had to make this move. Emotionally I didn’t know how on Earth I could handle it.¬†Then I thought about my sweet Madie. How was she going to take this? How could I rip her from her grandparents and the place she was born and¬†move her to a foreign place? I¬†laid in bed thinking¬†the¬†entire night.¬†Then I just knew. I knew that if I didn’t go that I would regret it for the rest of my life. The next day I grabbed every brown box I could find. Those¬†torn up boxes on the side of Walmart, the ones that were wet from the rain in my apartment complex, and¬†any other random box I could get my¬†hands on.

moving boxes

I found any box I could and shoved it in the corner of my small bedroom until I got the courage to start organizing and packing.

Finally, I began shoving these boxes full. The toys, clothes, and kitchen appliances never seemed to end. Here are some tips for packing on a budget and in a hurry.

  1. LABEL EVERYTHING. I don’t care if it’s freaking underwear. Label that thing. When you see that box again it will be¬†covered¬†in tape and a faded memory.¬†Labeling makes¬†everything so much easier when you try to unpack those¬†forgotten boxes. Grab a sharpie and get to writing.
  2. Use this time to declutter. You’re on to a new chapter. If you haven’t used that old¬†coffee pot in six months….if you haven’t worn that shirt since 8th grade….whatever it is, just toss it!! Chances are by the time you get to your new location and you are finally unpacking you won’t even remember those items.
  3. Don’t pack anything of value in a torn up brown box no matter how much tape you have. That one box with your priceless¬†rings and necklaces¬†will end up at the¬†bottom of the ocean. Take those special items with you, keep them close to you. Perhaps they will bring you comfort in this hectic move anyway.

Letting my toddler help… This is clearly what not to do. A more effective way to pack your bags so that everything will fit and you won’t have wrinkled clothes when you get there is to roll you clothes up very tightly and pack them close together. We eventually got all of this to fit believe it or not! ūüôā


As soon as the boxes were packed we were on to a new life. A new world from everything we knew as home and comfort. I mean how bad could it be? We were going to be with someone who would love us and support us no matter what. That is what I kept remembering during every long goodbye.

moving to germany

Saying “see you later” to my mom and Madie’s Mimi was definitely the hardest moment because that is the moment we stepped on to the plane and it all became real.

There were a few things that I didn’t pack to make the transition easier for both myself and my 18 month old. Here are some things to take in your checked luggage on the plane so you have easy access to them when you get where you’re going.

  1. Seasonal clothes. Whether it’s 90 degrees or 20 degrees where you’re going make sure you check the weather and pack the right attire. I can attest to this because coming to Germany without my rain boots was a big mistake. We live and we learn.
  2. Your personal pillow and blanket. There is nothing better than getting to a new place and being able to snuggle up and feel like you’re in your own bed again. These things will bring comfort and you won’t have to purchase new ones on a tight budget.
  3. Electronics. The best way to entertain a child on a plane is having games and movies on an iPad or tablet. Depending on the length of your flight you may want to purchase a portable charger. It was the greatest blessing for us because during the 12 hour flight we didn’t have to worry about the iPad dying.
  4. Pictures of family members. This really helped my daughter. I stuck a few photos in my carry on bag of grandparents, friends, and loved ones so that when she had a break down for Mimi or Papaw she could hold the photos and remember them and how much they love her.
  5. Snacks! Whether or not the flight serves meals, having your own favorite chocolate or bag of chips is so necessary. Flights get delayed and things happen so make sure you have something to snack on.


We finally arrived in Germany with just each other and a few suitcases. No furniture, no pots and pans, no boxes of toys. As hard as it was, at that point we were just thrilled to have finally conquered the journey and be on to a new adventure.

We settled in well. Josh took us to castles, bakeries, and anything else we could think of to do to keep our minds off the move. As emotionally drained as I was, I just wanted to stay busy to keep from breaking down and sobbing my eyes out crying like a baby for my mom. I didn’t have to be strong for just myself this time. I had an 18 month old toddler that was constantly watching me, repeating my every move, and expecting me to support her and carry her through this move. I did absolutely that.

My advice…when you get where you’re going, stay busy. Find something you’re passionate about and do it. Explore your new culture, learn the lifestyle, take advantage of it all. You gave up everything for a reason. Use that reason to make the most of it.

2015-07-31-15-16-51Traveling Germany our first week there reunited with Josh. Staying busy exploring!

Fast forward…

6 months later our beat up old boxes from the side of Hebron finally showed up. Thank goodness because it was now the dead of winter in Germany and we didn’t have any winter clothes. Thankfully it was a BREEZE to unpack those boxes because they were all perfectly labeled and organized. We took each box one by one and put them in the room it was supposed to be unpacked in.

I made sure to unpack my little girl’s room first because when she saw her toys and clothes she hadn’t worn in months I saw a smile on her face and a glow in her eyes that I hadn’t seen in a long time. She was thrilled and it brought her so much comfort to see a piece of home arrive at her new house. Within just a few days all of the boxes were unpacked and it felt like Christmas. It was the best feeling in the world to see all of our old things and unpack those dingy boxes just to see what was inside. I was finding things and seeing things that I hadn’t seen or thought about in six months. It was the most rewarding feeling after a hard¬†six months and a long move across the globe. The thing is, I wouldn’t change any of it!

Live for yourself. Do things now before you regret them later. Take the time to see and do what you want. Why are you wasting this one life you are given at the same job, in the same house, on the same street you grew up in? I get it. It’s home. What I’ve learned is that anywhere can be home.

Home is a feeling, not a place.

Happy traveling!!


I’m the third wheel in the marriage between my husband and the military

I stare at this blank page with no idea on where to start explaining this lifestyle. It’s daunting and magical at the same time. You get married and you assume that you will travel the globe together, have free housing and healthcare, raise all these tiny military brats, and get old together living off veterans pay. Well, only some of that is true.

I’ve come to realize that it’s not as glamorous as everyone thinks it is. It’s like instead of putting your family first, the military is first. The men go to work, get shipped off on deployments, work nights, get called in on their one day off, go TDY for 30 days at a time, etc.¬†And sometimes we don’t even know where they’re going or if we will have contact with them.¬†Family comes second. Family is the support system that makes priority number one happen. It’s like I’m the third wheel in a marriage between my husband and the military, but somehow I’m okay with that.

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When military wives complain about our husbands being gone or absent we always¬†have that one friend or relative that says “well you knew what you were signing up for.” Really? How were we supposed to know? Do you know what you’re really signing up for in any marriage? How would this be any different? We don’t know what we’re signing up for but we’re still willing to sign on the dotted line and jump right in.

While it may not be all sunshine and rainbows there are some pretty spectacular parts of this life we have chosen. We have seen countries in Europe that we would have never seen otherwise. Castles, rivers, villages, and more. We have tried food that we have never even heard of. We have walked down cobblestone roads where are ancestors were from. How crazy is that? I’ve learned more about myself in the last two years than I have the rest of my life combined. We get to travel and explore and while that’s a huge bonus to being stationed overseas, it also means making sacrifices. We hug the people we love the most for the last time in months. We squeeze them tight wondering when we’re going to see them again then step on a plane waving goodbye with crying kids in our arms; trying to wipe our own tears. It’s heartbreaking and also makes us reconsider what is really important in life.

2015-07-25 18.29.51

Our checks aren’t huge and we still pay bills. We still go to the store and buy our own groceries, we still drop our kids off at school every morning, we still go to work or choose to stay at home with the kids, we still go to church on Sunday, and cook dinner at home every night. It seems like a regular life from the outside looking in, but it’s the furthest thing from it.

We live over here guessing at half the things we do. We don’t know where to park or if we have to pay, we can’t read billboards on the highway, we don’t walk into the grocery store and know what people are talking about but we still smile and keep walking. Everything is like a game and we are just playing, guessing and hoping we’re doing things right. There’s no manual or rulebook for living overseas. We don’t go to school to learn the culture or the language before we get sent here.¬†We are left to figure it all out on our own. It’s an adventure and so terrifying.

2015-02-14 09.45.332015-02-14 09.46.42

I am so thankful for the life that I have chosen to accept but I also have a piece of my heart constantly separated from the rest of my being. I left pieces of myself 5,000 miles away and I can’t pick them¬†back up and put them back together. You rely on your spouse knowing that everything else that surrounds you is only temporary and in a few years you will be¬†on yet another plane with your big brown boxes, moving into a new house you have never seen before.

I find that the most challenging aspect of this lifestyle is not being able to explain it to my kids. Not only did we choose this lifestyle for ourselves but we chose it for our children. They don’t understand why we can’t get in the car and drive over to Mimi or¬†Papaw’s¬†house to play with toys, or go to their friends house for a playdate, or drive down the road to Sonic for a big ice cream sundae. As moms we do the best we can to explain these things but it hurts your heart to know that your child is curious and there’s no way to explain it that makes sense to their little souls. It’s just¬†something that happens. We move, our friends move, things change, and nothing is forever. We start to get used to saying goodbye.

2015-07-27 10.10.29

My 18-month-old saying “goodbye” to her first real best friend.

What we sometimes forget through all of the hard times is the beauty of this lifestyle we get to show our children. My 3 year old has been to over 5 countries and has been exposed to so many different languages and cultures. While she might not remember every second of it, she has gained memories and been influenced in her childhood. She’s learned¬†that not everyone is the same and that’s okay. She has even picked up some of the languages.¬†She has been around people that are very different from her and she has learned what it means to accept people as they are.

I will forever be thankful for this lifestyle because I know that any marriage and any chosen life has it’s battles and it’s successes. For me though, the most important thing was finding myself and I have been able to learn more about myself and who I am and what I want in life than I ever thought I could. I love myself for being able to make it through these challenges and still have a strong head on my shoulders.

2016-09-30 07.29.09


Our trip to Hamburg & Mainz: The closest thing to Oceanside in Germany

Hamburg, Germany

After a year in the gloom and doom of Germany I desperately needed the sand between my toes, the sound of waves clashing, and a cold drink in hand while wearing a bikini. Ha!! But I was desperate (and dreaming).

Being the person I am I had to find this magical place where I could unwind with my family and feel the sun on my skin again.

We found ourselves in Hamburg, Germany visiting a dear friend and I told her my one greatest wish….a trip to the beach! She made it happen! We drove 8 hours through the night to Berlin and the next day we ventured from there to Hamburg.


What a magical place! I never thought I would see such beauty and peace in rain-filled Germany! She told us she knew a place where we could feel like we were at the beach but it wasn’t exactly the ocean. I didn’t care at this point, I was elated!! We got up the next morning, threw our swimsuits on, shoveled down some breakfast and out we went! I think I was the first one out the door. Haha

She took us to this dreamy location which mimicked a river walk. It was a straight path to the water, sand between out toes the entire time, and it was lined with food, cafes, and more. You name it and we had finally found it.

Honestly, it was even better than being Oceanside in Florida, it was pure bliss. Not only did we get to see the beautiful sandy beach and¬†soft waves, we also got to see¬†and hear the boats. Yep, boats. We were at a harbor and it was absolute joy that struck¬†my heart. It’s like a piece of me was¬†whole again.

Germany friends, y’all have to get here. We laid on the beach all day¬†playing in the sand with cold drinks and the sun blazing on our pale¬†white skin. I could have stayed there forever.




Mainz, Germany

After another few months back at home and getting into the routine of things again, my cravings for the beach got much stronger. It was like after having a taste of it I knew I needed more. I’m a beach addict, it’s true.

I knew that I had to get back… I kept researching and googling and nothing was helping. My dad came to visit and Josh took the day off work so we could take¬†a family day trip and show my dad a piece of Germany.

This is when we ventured off to Mainz. Although it was stunning and the culture was captivating, it was nothing like the beach. We tooled around the city and enjoyed lunch until we kept walking toward what looked like open air. We found the OCEAN. Okay, not really but it might as well have been. It was gorgeous!!

We literally threw our things back in the car and drove for miles until we found out how to actually get down to the water. There was a restaurant right on the water so we parked there and jumped out. It was spectacular! The view was priceless. This shinning water and the blazing sun had us mesmerized. It wasn’t oceanfront but it was a gorgeous beach and¬†I was thinking the heavens we had found it.

We spent the rest of the day soaking in the sun, eating ice cream, and drinking¬†cold beers. And to think this magical place is only¬†an hour from us! Who knew! Get¬†out there and do some exploring and who knows what you’ll find!


2016-09-09 15.58.142016-09-09 15.58.182016-09-09 16.15.582016-09-09 16.28.102016-09-09 16.28.522016-09-09 16.30.20

One happy mama and one happy little girl!!    Рfellow beach enthusiast

Remembering your spouse in a crowded world

There is so much junk in the world. From the time you crawl out of bed every morning until you finally lay your head back down you deal with these crowded days. Making breakfast, taking the kids to school, going to work, picking up the kids, making dinner, helping with homework, cleaning the house, giving the kids baths, finally taking a shower yourself, drinking a glass of wine if you’re lucky then bam, it’s over and starts again the next day. How do we make it from one day to the next and still have time to remind our husbands and wives why we married them and how much they are loved?

It is so important to feel loved and to express love. Weekends and a few holidays off work is not going to cut it. Every day needs to have what I like to call “a little bit of love.” You don’t need an hour every day. Just a few minutes. Every second is worth something. Saying “I love you” is easy but how do you show it? What does your love one do to make you feel loved?

Before our wedding day we thought about this. We said “what if we get married and we get stuck in a pattern and we forget to show our love?” “What if we don’t have time for each other because we’re too busy being crowded by chores and kids?” We knew we wouldn’t let that happen.

At our wedding we decided to have popsicle sticks and sharpies laying on a table at the front door. We asked our guest to write something creative we could do as a “mini date” on the stick and place it in a jar. At the end of the night when everyone had left the wedding and it was just the two of us sitting in the empty room looking at the place we had just gotten married, we opened the jar and read the sticks together. Some of them made us laugh, some of them required an entire day together, others just required a few minutes of our time. Two years later we still have these sticks and we look at them often. Here are a few of the ideas we received….

  • eat pizza in bed together
  • dance in pajamas to your favorite song
  • go camping
  • walk the river
  • give each other a mani-pedi
  • go for a walk after dinner
  • cook dinner together
  • share ice cream together


We don’t have a lot of time every day due to this crazy military lifestyle. Josh’s work schedule has changed three times in three months. He’s gone all night, sleeps all day, then he’s gone all day, gets called in at night. It’s a hot mess. We may not have much time but we do have a lot of love.

We love getting family photos taken for milestones in our life. Having a baby…pictures. Christmas….pictures. However, this time around we decided to dedicate an hour of our weekend to get pictures taken for just the two of us. No kids. I contacted an amazing local photographer and she styled the shoot and took over so we didn’t even have to think about a thing. She was amazing. We laughed in the 35 degree weather because my hands were frozen shut. We held each other and smiled at this beautiful flower park where we could stare at mountains in front of us. It was a magical hour filled with love and laughs and we have these beautiful images to capture the moments of bliss with each other.


Boho styled shoot by Sabina Parks Photography

It doesn’t matter what you do together. Just dedicate yourself to making certain that you are capable of showing your partner how much you love them. Marriages are not promised to be easy and especially in a hectic world where things “need” to get done. I promise that loving your partner is just as important as that deadline at work. Your marriage needs it and so do you.

Happy loving!!