Playing with Fate

As I reflect on my life at such a young age I can’t help but to think of how intense and crazy things have been. How am I married with two beautiful daughters at 22? Fate and God’s plan. How did I move a one year old across the world by myself? Fate and God’s plan. How did I shake a boy’s hand at 14 years old and before my eyes he turned into my husband? Fate and God’s plan. These things just happen to us and they are so far from the plan we have mapped out for ourselves. That’s just the beauty of it. Stop planning and start living. We all know you can’t play with God’s plan. You can play with fate. You can take the turns and bumps in the road and turn them into something beautiful. You can accomplish your dreams along the way and build a beautiful life. Just follow your way and play with your fate to make your dreams meet your reality. You are so capable. You are so loved.


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