12 Things to know before moving to Germany (and most of Europe)

Have you ever wanted to pack a suitcase and move across the globe? Here are some tips before you venture to Europe!

  1. Sunday is literally a day of rest. EVERYTHING IS CLOSED. Enjoy your sleep, have some coffee in bed, and binge watch Netflix.

  2. Pack your rain boots. Even if there is zero percent chance of rain, it will rain.

  3. Be prepared to have 8 different trash cans. You MUST recycle….EVERYTHING. Diapers have their own bin, glass has another, paper in another….etc. They will rummage through your “garbage” and if you are not recycling properly you will be fined and your rights to throw away your trash could be taken away.

  4. If something is $3.99 you will pay $3.99. There are no hidden fees. Taxes are included in the price. They appreciate the small bills and coins, too.

  5. Carry change with you everywhere. You will pay to park, use the bathroom, drink water, and basically breathe. Everything cost money.

  6. Leave that car behind. You won’t be needing it. Get a new one in Europe even if it’s a beater. The process to bring your car is extensive and expensive.

  7. You will drive over 100mph on a daily basis. Most roads and highways do not have a speed limit. It’s daunting and thrilling at the same time.

  8. Learn to look at your speedometer in km. Miles are nonexistent. You drive anywhere from 30 to 160km.

  9. Don’t try to speak German or any other language if you are not fluent. You will look like a fool and natives will be offended. Just simply ask for someone that speaks English. Most places will have English speakers and English menus.

  10. Take the train for goodness sake. There are hop on, hop off trains and buses. Get a day pass and your camera and go explore what the culture has to offer.

  11. Don’t want sauce on your sandwich? Sorry. Remove it yourself. You get what you order and they rarely cater to specifications. Don’t worry though, the food is delicious.

  12. Get a sweet dog and take him everywhere. Restaurants, malls, castles….etc. Dogs are so beloved in Europe. Most hotels allow dogs too so let him in on the fun!

Is there anything else you’d like to know? Contact me!

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