Remembering your spouse in a crowded world

There is so much junk in the world. From the time you crawl out of bed every morning until you finally lay your head back down you deal with these crowded days. Making breakfast, taking the kids to school, going to work, picking up the kids, making dinner, helping with homework, cleaning the house, giving the kids baths, finally taking a shower yourself, drinking a glass of wine if you’re lucky then bam, it’s over and starts again the next day. How do we make it from one day to the next and still have time to remind our husbands and wives why we married them and how much they are loved?

It is so important to feel loved and to express love. Weekends and a few holidays off work is not going to cut it. Every day needs to have what I like to call “a little bit of love.” You don’t need an hour every day. Just a few minutes. Every second is worth something. Saying “I love you” is easy but how do you show it? What does your love one do to make you feel loved?

Before our wedding day we thought about this. We said “what if we get married and we get stuck in a pattern and we forget to show our love?” “What if we don’t have time for each other because we’re too busy being crowded by chores and kids?” We knew we wouldn’t let that happen.

At our wedding we decided to have popsicle sticks and sharpies laying on a table at the front door. We asked our guest to write something creative we could do as a “mini date” on the stick and place it in a jar. At the end of the night when everyone had left the wedding and it was just the two of us sitting in the empty room looking at the place we had just gotten married, we opened the jar and read the sticks together. Some of them made us laugh, some of them required an entire day together, others just required a few minutes of our time. Two years later we still have these sticks and we look at them often. Here are a few of the ideas we received….

  • eat pizza in bed together
  • dance in pajamas to your favorite song
  • go camping
  • walk the river
  • give each other a mani-pedi
  • go for a walk after dinner
  • cook dinner together
  • share ice cream together


We don’t have a lot of time every day due to this crazy military lifestyle. Josh’s work schedule has changed three times in three months. He’s gone all night, sleeps all day, then he’s gone all day, gets called in at night. It’s a hot mess. We may not have much time but we do have a lot of love.

We love getting family photos taken for milestones in our life. Having a baby…pictures. Christmas….pictures. However, this time around we decided to dedicate an hour of our weekend to get pictures taken for just the two of us. No kids. I contacted an amazing local photographer and she styled the shoot and took over so we didn’t even have to think about a thing. She was amazing. We laughed in the 35 degree weather because my hands were frozen shut. We held each other and smiled at this beautiful flower park where we could stare at mountains in front of us. It was a magical hour filled with love and laughs and we have these beautiful images to capture the moments of bliss with each other.


Boho styled shoot by Sabina Parks Photography

It doesn’t matter what you do together. Just dedicate yourself to making certain that you are capable of showing your partner how much you love them. Marriages are not promised to be easy and especially in a hectic world where things “need” to get done. I promise that loving your partner is just as important as that deadline at work. Your marriage needs it and so do you.

Happy loving!!




8 thoughts on “Remembering your spouse in a crowded world

  1. Angie says:

    This was a great post. My husband and I are pretty lucky in that we can carpool to work together and eat lunch together every day. But your message reminds me that the little things also count. Beautiful


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