Our trip to Hamburg & Mainz: The closest thing to Oceanside in Germany

Hamburg, Germany

After a year in the gloom and doom of Germany I desperately needed the sand between my toes, the sound of waves clashing, and a cold drink in hand while wearing a bikini. Ha!! But I was desperate (and dreaming).

Being the person I am I had to find this magical place where I could unwind with my family and feel the sun on my skin again.

We found ourselves in Hamburg, Germany visiting a dear friend and I told her my one greatest wish….a trip to the beach! She made it happen! We drove 8 hours through the night to Berlin and the next day we ventured from there to Hamburg.


What a magical place! I never thought I would see such beauty and peace in rain-filled Germany! She told us she knew a place where we could feel like we were at the beach but it wasn’t exactly the ocean. I didn’t care at this point, I was elated!! We got up the next morning, threw our swimsuits on, shoveled down some breakfast and out we went! I think I was the first one out the door. Haha

She took us to this dreamy location which mimicked a river walk. It was a straight path to the water, sand between out toes the entire time, and it was lined with food, cafes, and more. You name it and we had finally found it.

Honestly, it was even better than being Oceanside in Florida, it was pure bliss. Not only did we get to see the beautiful sandy beach and soft waves, we also got to see and hear the boats. Yep, boats. We were at a harbor and it was absolute joy that struck my heart. It’s like a piece of me was whole again.

Germany friends, y’all have to get here. We laid on the beach all day playing in the sand with cold drinks and the sun blazing on our pale white skin. I could have stayed there forever.




Mainz, Germany

After another few months back at home and getting into the routine of things again, my cravings for the beach got much stronger. It was like after having a taste of it I knew I needed more. I’m a beach addict, it’s true.

I knew that I had to get back… I kept researching and googling and nothing was helping. My dad came to visit and Josh took the day off work so we could take a family day trip and show my dad a piece of Germany.

This is when we ventured off to Mainz. Although it was stunning and the culture was captivating, it was nothing like the beach. We tooled around the city and enjoyed lunch until we kept walking toward what looked like open air. We found the OCEAN. Okay, not really but it might as well have been. It was gorgeous!!

We literally threw our things back in the car and drove for miles until we found out how to actually get down to the water. There was a restaurant right on the water so we parked there and jumped out. It was spectacular! The view was priceless. This shinning water and the blazing sun had us mesmerized. It wasn’t oceanfront but it was a gorgeous beach and I was thinking the heavens we had found it.

We spent the rest of the day soaking in the sun, eating ice cream, and drinking cold beers. And to think this magical place is only an hour from us! Who knew! Get out there and do some exploring and who knows what you’ll find!


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One happy mama and one happy little girl!!    – fellow beach enthusiast


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