Across from “The Little Red Door:” Strasbourg, France

When we came to Germany we told ourselves we were going to go to every surrounding country and take our kids to as many countries as we possibly could in the next 24 months. We were beyond excited. However, 18 months into it, we have only gone to two countries. One of which being France. Although, we have been there almost 10 times. Hahaha. Not to mention it’s probably my husband’s least favorite country because he absolutely loathes driving there!! The traffic is like nothing we have ever seen before.

This morning we decided, hey why not another day trip to France, it’s only 45 minutes to the border. I chuckle when I say this because I know it makes my husband cringe but he’s all about doing things as a family!

strausberg 010

We packed the car at 8am and to Strasbourg we went! It was so delightful. It was an easy drive and only about two hours away. There were plenty of places to stop and rest or grab a quick snack. With only one toll each way it didn’t cost us much to drive either.

We drove in circles when we finally got downtown. We could not find parking for the life of us and traffic was spinning on past us. We finally found an alley with a “P” sign (which usually means parking). We followed the sign and ended up across the street from “The Little Red Door.” It was quaint and cute but I wasn’t sure I wanted to know what was behind that door so we just kept walking.

strausberg 016

This town was absolutely stunning. The architecture and the vibe from being downtown was like nothing I had ever experienced before. I felt like my shoes should have been $500 and my kids should have been wearing Dolce and Gabana (is that even how you spell it?) Seriously. The buildings were old but kept so well that they remained stable and intact. It felt so new, yet so antiqued at the same time.

We planned to only stay here for a couple of hours then head an hour down the highway to another town but Strasbourg was just so gorgeous we couldn’t seem to leave. We stayed all day! Every time we thought we had had enough we would see something more magical in the distance that we just knew we had to get a closer look.

As soon as we  walked away from The Little Red Door we saw the top of the Cathedrale Notre Dame. It was breathtaking to say the very least. We didn’t stop walking until we got up close and personal. It was the first sight of the day and absolutely remarkable. We couldn’t get enough. Every single angle had a new vision and I must have taken 100 pictures in ten minutes. It was built around 1187 and still standing in all of its glory,  as beautiful as ever.

By this time we were starving. There was no stopping us until we found some food. Or so we thought. We happened to run into a farmers market, a band playing in the street, and an antique flea market. Holy moly, this was so unexpected. What a perfect day for a trip to France, right?!

strausberg 024strausberg 025

strausberg 060

I absolutely love seeing fresh flowers on every street corner! ^^

There was so much to do and see that we literally could not take it all in. The streets were packed with people shopping and eating and the music was pumping through my body. The sun was bright, 65 degrees with a breeze, and people were feeling like summer time!

We finally stopped at a cute little café because we knew we wouldn’t have time to sit in a restaurant and wait for food with the kids. They had the most delicious sandwich’s and cappuccinos. I think I could’ve stayed all day in that one spot tucked away in this pastry shop.

strausberg 105strausberg 106strausberg 107strausberg 109

Madie was given a euro so she could ask a vendor for a pretzel and boy was that the softest, most fluffy pretzel I have ever tasted. It was hard to get her to share and I don’t blame her one bit. It was absolutely delicious!

strausberg 112

We ended the day with a walk to the ice cream shop and a stroll along the river. It was such a calming demeanor that this town had. I felt relaxed as soon as we stepped out of the car and began our journey. Seeing the calm waves, and the geese floating on top of the river, it just made me remember that things in life don’t last forever and I needed to cherish this time with my family.

strausberg 020strausberg 075strausberg 091strausberg 092strausberg 097strausberg 098

We stopped there for a minute to take it all in before heading back to our car. It was a glorious day in a beautiful city that I would love to see again and again. Plus it’s always heartwarming to find stores from home in a new city! My favorite part of the day was finding a Starbucks and Sephora!

strausberg 057strausberg 059strausberg 061strausberg 084

strausberg 090

strausberg 114

Get out there and see something new! Happy Travels!


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