Rescuing the place that made you: One fork at a time

As a busy mom of two I usually just throw my “crap” in a bag and head out the door. If the kids and I all manage to get shoes on then it’s a good day. In all of the hussle and bussle of this crazy life I have lacked the moments where I truly stop and think about what I’m doing and what kind of impact it’s going to make on the future of my kids and the world we live in.

No matter where we’re from or where we’re going, we have one home. Earth. Take care of it and respect it the way you would your children because they’re the ones that are going to be left to pick up the pieces.

I stumbled upon this life changing company that shares the same beliefs. It’s called Make Life Green. Their focus is to reuse and recycle without destroying and harming our world. We get so overwhelmed at the thought of trying to change habits and make a difference in this huge planet but when you find such a great organization like this one, it becomes an easy task to make those changes one step at a time.


Make life Green dedicates their purpose to using materials that are able to be repurposed and reused. They strive to “make small changes to make a difference to our planet!” The shop owner really has a heart as big as this world and sets her mind to donating, reusing, and recycling. Not to mention the kits are freaking adorable!!


I got my hands on the most functional and adorable “on-the-go-kit.” I am literally obsessed with it. While I’m busy throwing “crap” in my bag and running out the door I can rest assured that my kit will be in my bag when I head out the door with a kid on each hip. It’s so much more convenient to have my own picnic-ware and also to know that it’s clean and won’t be tossed out as soon as I eat a couple bites of lunch. It gets washed and reused. If every single person did this and stopped throwing plastic-ware in the trash when they’re out and about or even at home, do you know what a huge difference we could all make together?


When I’m running errands with the kids and we stop for a bite to eat (which happens often because my kids are ALWAYS hungry) I know that my daughters and I can use this. It’s less of a hassle and it’s protecting and saving the planet that gives us life. Let’s give life back.


USE COUPON CODE “playingwithfate” for 10% off your order at or check them out on facebook at


Happy snacking and saving! 🙂


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